Uncommon and Complicated Repairs

Lathe Fabrication
It seems Dan has difficulty accepting instruments that have mismatched parts.

Yet another eBay purchase that was less than promised. A Besson "compensating" euphonium that badly needed a valve rebuild and was found to be missing the proper top and bottom caps for the fourth valve. It was also missing the correct finger buttons. Besson makes some nice instruments but they can be a real pain when it comes to getting parts. In our experience, you can order the part and what you receive will most probably not be what you wanted, if you receive anything at all. So, in this case it was less hassle and faster for us to make the parts ourselves.

On the left is one of the original caps; on the right, the new fourth valve cap prior to completion.

That same cap after the final milling process is completed...

...and after polishing and lacquer.

A new set of finger buttons which were modeled after an old original we had in stock.

Yes, we use real Mother of Pearl.


The top caps; on the right is the new replacement cap prior to the final milling process.


Now all we need to do is make the rest of the horn match the fourth valve caps and the buttons. Maybe later.



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