Uncommon and Complicated Repairs

Biting Off More Than One Can Chew?

This is a shot of a project that Dan got a little carried away with. He decided that he would make a replacement bell for a special customer's french horn.

The instrument was converted to a screw-bell configuration at the time of restoration. The original flair was destroyed by the ravages of time along with some very bad abuse and even worse acts of "repair" performed over the past seventy-five years.
The tooling for the bell spinning was all made by Dan. The mandrel the flair was formed on was designed from dimensions taken from the original.

The above are the valve rotors being copper plated prior to refit and final nickel plating. As we have not had much luck with our subcontractors, the plating work is done at a local facility and the fitting is performed by ourselves. Dan has a good deal of experience in plating, so he prepares the parts himself as well as the masking and racking.

The rotor after final fitting and nickel plating.

Above is the completed instrument.



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