Uncommon and Complicated Repairs

Pepper Euphonium Thread Replacement
  We received an old J.W. Pepper euphonium for a valve rebuild and found that all the casing screw threads were corroded beyond use, so they were replaced.

The top threads were unsoldered and replacements were fabricated on our metal turning lathe.

Once the new parts were completed they were soldered into place.

The bottom threads were not as simple.


Each of the casings were centered on the lathe and the old, damaged threads were cut away. The cylinders were counter-bored to receive new thread inserts which were then soldered into place. The bottom thread inserts were also fabricated at our shop.

The valve block and pistons are ready to go to the plater, where they will have the cylinders honed to an oversized dimension. The pistons will be plated oversized and refitted to their respective cylinders. Upon return, we will do some final hand fitting and cleaning, then the valve assembly will then be remounted to the rest of the instrument.



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