Ed Kruspe French horn (c. 1910-1925?)

Restoration performed by Daniel C. Oberloh.


We have compiled a number of images for the perspectiove buyer in hopes that they will assist all interested parties and give them a good idea of the condition of this true classic.


Nickel-silver tabs have been added to improve the feel of the valve levers..

Nickel-silver mouthpipe and hand guards.

The profile of the wrap shos it to have a uniform coil that is free of ''dog-legs'' in the branches.

The back demonstrates the proper fit and uniformity of the slides branches and resprtive braces.

Thuogh the engraving is worn, it is still quite legible and the eagle is plainly seen.

The bell branch is seen here where it is as free of dents as one could expect from a ninty year old horn.

The levers shown here have also been addresed, having been rebuilt and are now as close a fit as the day they were made.

The bell flair is seen here where it is also free of any major damage and has no patches as is not the case with most instruments of this make and age.

Another view of the bell flair and branch.

The old early forth valve lever desighn takes a little getting use to but it works just fine, looks cool too.

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